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I am predominantly working with traditional techniques such as paintings, drawings and collages. I like traditional technique; basically I like to do things with my hand. I think there is much more feeling in it. Beside this I am doing installation and photography/video. My installations mostly combined with painting and drawing as well.

I am an artist using variable materials and looking art as a field of research, communication and resistance in very distinctive way. That’s way beyond the artwork, I gave a importance to a place that I work. Recently I realized that its triggers me to explore the process itself. Therefore my art practice can be seen to produce conditional emotional response for place experienced, confronted situation(social/personal unrest), at least my concern is that.

Therefore experiencing the life apart and producing artworks as a conditional emotional response for confronted situation became process of my art practice. I believe that what I am doing is a kind of a dialogue by self and artworks are visual fragments of this dialogue.

My artwork basically based on personal history that lies between fiction and reality. This personal history, both intimate and profound is woven through the conceptual framework of my artworks. Beside the source of personal stories and experiments, my inspiration would come from everywhere; objects, places, movies, book etc.

My motivation for art is derives from wondering. I'm wondering how I could express subjective interpretations of the rational situations, conditions, and notions. This curiosity evoked me focus in to inner perception and transform them in to transcriptions of a human condition.

I try to express my vision and ideas through narratives, through symbols and figures. I like to use images symbolically, attributing different meanings to objects, or combining different elements to create new atmospheres, in my works. It is the deeper sense of my work, which intends to convince that the things are not given to be seen such as they should be, that they evade one way reading. In other words, they invite spectator to see alternative realm.

My artistic and personal concerns lead me to mix in my work several concepts at the same time. The themes in my works are basically emerges from psychology (both sensation and perception) and philosophy (aesthetics) underpin the visual mystery and power of memory’s associative realm.

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