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Untitled Fortune I
Untitled FortuneII
Titled Fortune
Isgal/occupancy/Untitled Fortune III, pen on paper, 80x120 cm
Untitled Fortune IV"New Turkey", pen on paper, 80x120 cm
Titled Fortune II
Untitled Fortune V

Tasseography or tasseomancy is a fortune telling method that interprets patterns in coffee grounds and is especially common in the Middle Eastern tradition and Turkey.

We have big heritage with belief in superstitions such as coffee future telling. It has also strong connection between the symbols and the individuals whose cup is read. Coffee readings is always related with the place and roads, how the person goes, when it goes, how long the person can stay there, how the effect....

With this drawings series, my aim to explore and highlight the fact that how luck and destiny is playing important role in our contemporary society by relying on personal experience. This is also a trial of visual reconstitution of the belief of luck and destiny in east culture.

On the ground of cup creates a new world drew the spectator in mysteries presence.I see that coffee grounds create a place has own accuracy with its own symbols. In this worlds/places, we come to see the earth as it is sensed, remembered, fictional and reshaped by the person (spectator). As an artist, I just like to play with this accuracy in the means of earth, place, and relationship and express the opportunities and possibilities in it.

I use coffee cup as a metaphor of a place where new relations occurred between individual and the place (city, country,land). In this aspect, I use satellite images as a key images in my visual representation.