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Up and Down Installation, video,june 2012

Up&Down is a Site specific Installation hold in Pasajist Independent Art Space, Istanbul june 2012.

Concept : In the defining of artwork, space could be part of the work. With this approach I'm focused on the space itself and use the space as a frame of the work. “Up and Down” site-specific installation hold in june 2012, Pasajist/Istanbul. The place gives me inspiration that ending up with orienting the works presentation itself.

Title of the exhibition inspired from my personal chatting with one of my friend. He was asking how I am and I relied UP&Down. then we started to discuss about this meaning, and how common this feeling nowadays. In city life individual dealing with personal issues along with job and political social circumstances.The work is visualizing the feeling defined as phrase Up&Down.

This concept I was thinking to transform the whole space in this mood feeling. This abstract feeling came to concrete in the space. The space itself is located in the loft part huge passage in the heart of the Istanbul, Taksim. This small square space is kind of hidden and takes a long time to access along with the noise and crowd commercial shopping area. In the conclusion, this place referring the feeling of holy place such as temple and kind of secret place and protected. This reminds me "the place" of mind/conscious in our body. This metaphorical approach take a inspiring part in emergence of the show.

I believe that Up&Down related within mindset as much as emotional control. Therefore Space is main part of the artwork yet audience their-self is an essential for the experience the work on their own. As the audience is participating the work by moving in to work and looking up&down, in this case, movement is also involved in the work. Body movement is essential how we feel, how we experience the world. From this point I want to make people experience mood with their existence. Up is a good and positive thing, referring to sky, freedom, clouds, etc. on the contrary Down is a bad and negative energy referring to the floor, bottom, fail, zero, etc.

As the space of the gallery is the main thing, work is accomplised by video that documented of the the installation of the work.