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Missing World, exhibition view from the Convei Exceptional, Galeria...

Couples of Missing World, 2009,oil on canvas, 220x260 cm


Missing World (detail), 2008-2009

Missing World/Eksik Dunya, (right side) 2008, oil and mixed media...

Missing World, oil on canvas, 2008-2009, 220x370 cm.

This project visualizing scenes from fictional story based on imagination of hypothetical situation where a person has no feed to move, to step on the ground.

The concept: While I was already working on maps, movement and space, feed as a part of human body appeared as a metaphoric tool associating human-space relationship. From that point, considering the feed as fundamental part of human being and human life, I start to imagine human being missing their feed and the world around them. The story is start how they can survive without the part that make them stand and move. If they can not move, world also will be missing.. there will be change the meaning of the movement, relationship, surroundings and space.

This project accomplished with a short story that related and also inspired to these paintings and drawings.This pieces can be seen as a extracts from this world I imagined in december 2008- january 2009

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